Dear followers of the great "index_modern.html,"

If you are reading this, then you probably stumbled upon this redirect URL that is no longer being used from an Internet search result, on someone else's site or blog, printed on "paper" from an ancient civilization, or you accidentally bookmarked the wrong URL. I appreciate people reviewing and posting about PsychOS, the [self-appointed] best 32-bit and older distribution/software project known to mankind. Obviously.

However, if you are going to refer people to the website, please use the CORRECT URL,, with nothing else attached to the end and let the site do the "fancy" redirects for you.

Any other URL's to the PsychOS website besides "" are the result of being redirected based on whether or not a web browser supports JavaScript or the device used -- such as desktop versus mobile. Posting these redirected versions confuse the search engine bots, even though I use link rel="canonical" href="" in the HEAD element. These incorrect search engine results and incorrect postings on blogs make it much harder to improve the website if one of the changes needed to be made involves deleting a no-longer-needed redirect, giving people 404 errors.

Please let whomever lead you here know to fix their posted URL.

Previous and future PsychOS reviewers can click here for other possible corrections and FAQ.

May one day the great "index_modern.html" rest in peace,

-- TheOuterLinux