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A GNU/Linux distribution that puts lighter/older hardware first

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A message to reviewers

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, at the very least, I want to make sure the facts displayed in people's reviews are correct and up-to-date. Think of this page as an FAQ for people wanting to review PsychOS-related projects. If there are still questions after reading what is below and no answers can be found on any other site pages, contact psychosgnulinux@protonmail.com for clarification.



How do I pronounce "PsychOS"? It is pronounced "sy-kose" in which "kose" rhymes with "dose" or "dos" if you speak Spanish. You also do not say "PsychOS Linux" and just say "PsychOS" when talking about the project in general as I have other plans -- or perhaps just dreams, to expand it to other operating systems and I do not want to confuse people this early on. However, you still need to mention the base operating system of PsychOS (GNU/Linux, DOS, etc.) you are focusing on so that the search engine bots out there can have an easier time finding your article or video.
PsychOS vs PsychOS486 vs PsychDOS? PsychOS for i686 and newer computers and is also the name of the overall project. PsychOS486 is for i486DX and newer computers, hence the "486" part of the name. It is not a version number and is all one word. Please do not place spaces in either "PsychOS" or "PsychOS486"; turn your auto-correct off if you have to. PsychDOS is NOT an operating system; it is a desktop environment for those that already have DOS installed and it includes tons of software; I recommend installing it along with FreeDOS.
When talking about the PsychOS Project, what URL do I use?

When posting links to the PsychOS Project website, please use https://psychoslinux.gitlab.io when you do, even if referring to other related projects such as "PsychOS486" or "PsychDOS." It is very annoying to search "PsychOS linux" and see results with URL's to the popular redirect versions -- such as https://.../index_modern.html.

People visiting seem to paste what is in their URL bar. The "index.html" part at the end for the home page is not necessary. When URL's to redirects are posted, search engine bots find them and then make it harder to delete site pages without potentially condemning the project when those links no longer work and people give up in frustration because they don't understand how a GitLab site works.

Where do people submit issues, bugs, feature requests, etc.? The current place to submit issues, bugs, feature requests, etc. is https://gitlab.com/PsychOSLinux/psychoslinux.gitlab.io/issues. Please DO NOT post links to the Issue section of Git repositories that PsychOS-related distributions are hosted on. It is done this way because PsychOS is a large ISO file and sometimes repositories need to be replaced with new ones when there is an update.
What licenses do PsychOS, PsychOS486, or PsychDOS fall under?

The PsychOS 3.x series is currently based off of Devuan ASCII. This means that the PsychOS distribution itself is currently licensed under the GPLv3. You may pass copies of the PsychOS in its entirety around to your friends and family. However, PsychOS contains non-free, but redistributable software -- like most GNU/Linux distributions (according to the vrms package), and therefore you do so at your own risk. See the release notes for details.

The PsychOS486 series is currently based off of Slacko Puppy 5.3.1. This means that the PsychOS486 distribution itself is believed to be licensed as LGPL. You may pass copies of the PsychOS486 in its entirety around to your friends and family. However, PsychOS486 contains non-free, but redistributable software -- like most GNU/Linux distributions, and therefore you do so at your own risk. See the release notes for details.

PsychOS 3.4.5 and higher and PsychOS486 1.6.5 and higher may also contain software created by TheOuterLinux, with permission -- as the PsychOS project was created by and is maintained by TheOuterLinux, that is not licensed in a way to allow blatant forking/respins of the distribution. If you want to fork/respin any of the PsychOS-related projects and release your distribution to the general public, any software currently under TheOuterLinux license must be removed first and you may not use the word "PsychOS" in the distribution name or anything similar that suggests affiliation with its current maintainer.

PsychOS 3.4.5 and higher and PsychOS486 1.6.5 and higher contains custom-made wallpapers by TheOuterLinux and are currently licensed under CC BY-NC-ND. These wallpapers contain icons/logos relating to PsychOS in some way. Please remove and create your own wallpapers before forking/respinning any of the PsychOS-related projects beyond personal use.

The PsychDOS desktop environment itself was created using Visual Basic 1.0 for DOS (VBDOS) and is licensed under the GPLv3; however, PsychDOS also includes software under various, but redistributable, licenses.

Is there something wrong with PsychOS's WiFi? Probably not. Right-click the nm-applet (Network Manager) icon in the Notifications Area of the main panel and then select "Enable WiFi." This is disabled by default because I do not believe a computer should be sending out unnecessary radio signals when IoT and mobile devices are getting more and more creepy every day. You may also need to use the "Enable BlueTooth" option from the programs menu since many newer computers have both the WiFi and BT on the same card. This does not apply to PsychOS486 but if you cannot get WiFi to work on PsychOS486, you are probably screwed since it is based off of Slacko Puppy 5.3.1 and uses a much older kernel. Please remember, PsychOS486 was built for computers that either use a modem or have an Ethernet port so if your computer uses neither, the WiFi card probably will not work, especially if it is an all-in-one WiFi/BT card, but I could be wrong.
Is there something wrong with PsychOS's BlueTooth? Unless your system does not have BlueTooth capability, then probably not. The logic behind BT not being enabled "out-of-the-box" is the same as the WiFi mentioned above; however, you will need to run the "Enable BlueTooth" item located in the applications menu to remove a BlueTooth kernel module from the blacklist and this has to be done at each reboot with the way it is currently setup. After running the "Enable BlueTooth" menu item, you can then use the other BT related programs like normal. This does not apply to PsychOS486. Some Bluetooth tools are installed on PsychOS486, but I have yet to get them to work with any USB adapters and forget even trying on the built-in kind on newer (~2010 and up) hardware.
PsychOS doesn't work on my computer. If PsychOS doesn't work on your computer, then the 32-bit version of Devaun ASCII probably wont either and if it does, then feel free to post an issue. Otherwise, please ask them what the deal is since I am no firmware expert.
PsychOS486 doesn't work on my computer. If PsychOS486 doesn't work on your computer, then Slacko Puppy 5.3.1 probably wont either and if it does, then feel free to post an issue. Otherwise, you are going to either have to join a Puppy Linux or maybe a Slackware forum and ask there.
PsychDOS doesn't work on my computer. If PsychDOS doesn't work on your computer, do you have a PC-compatible DOS (FreeDOS, MS-DOS, etc.) system installed? Are you running any TSR's (Terminate-and-Stay-Resident) programs that may be causing issues? PsychDOS is a desktop environment that it in itself does not require more than 640K RAM; however, many of the included programs may want more, such as a few of the game console emulators. Worse case, you can add your own software using the "Cust0m" menu items.
So who is part of the PsychOS Project team? There's only one person frantically keeping this ship floating and everything else TheOuterLinux-related. If you would like to help ease my frustrations, feel free to donate. "TheOuterLinux" ("The" is always included when mentioning), as stated in both website's disclaimers (very bottom of most pages), is an alias for individual practicing their right to privacy. It is not a business or organization.
Can people donate or buy stuff? Yes. I have a Ko-Fi account and you can buy stuff from my TeePublic store.
Would you ever consider accepting sponsors? If by some miracle the project gets popular enough in which people would like their stuff advertised on this site, then perhaps. It depends on what the sponsor does and what they want from my end. However, I will never redesign my site to have some sort of JavaScript tracking ad space or add "spam" to my distributions or software. I would be okay with a clickable image on the home page or devote an entire page to a sponsors list.
Are there any other projects out there related to PsychOS? I've noticed some listed kernels, window managers, Python projects, etc. If the project isn't mentioned on https://psychoslinux.gitlab.io or https://theouterlinux.gitlab.io, then no. There are other projects out there that use the word "psychos" in relation to software, but there is a 99% chance that they have nothing to do with the actual "PsychOS" by TheOuterLinux. Some examples of projects that show-up in Internet search results but I have nothing to do with are: Psycho OS (Android related), psychOS (an x86 OS kernel), psychOS (graphical desktop environment for Windows), psyco (Python extension module), PsychoPy (behavioral science Python tools), and I'm sure there are many others.

Known places mentioning PsychOS-related projects so far...

E-Mail me if I'm missing any but make sure they are primary sources. The following are listed in alphabetical order by site domain.

If any reviewer out there has a problem with me having a "Corrections" section to the table, then make it easier for me to get a hold of you for corrections, because I can assure you that if it were possible to do so without giving you everything short of my blood-type, I would have. I have also been told "that's not how this works" when trying to get corrections made as soon as possible. When you have people copy/pasting everything and calling it an "article," time is short. And until these people fix things, this is the best I can do. I would be more than happy to remove items from the corrections list as soon as they are fixed.


URL (with alternatives)

Rating given by site (if applicable)

Corrections that need to be made to the review

Geekzone.fr N/A

    I hate Google Translator... I do like it when people create their own screenshots for their reviews though :)

Hacker News https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=27481705 N/A Someone mentioned the Gitlab typo on the DOS LIKE A BOSS poster; this has been fixed. And no, I do not have analytics on the site so I would not know how many people were interested in the QCKGUIDE.PDF.
Korben.info https://korben.info/psychos-psychdos.html N/A N/A
LinuxInsider Five stars

    To be fair, I had just E-Mailed the author of the article on 2020/06/13 (same day as it was released) in regards to corrections, but for the time being:

  • "TheOuterLinux" is an individual practicing their right to privacy and is not a company.
  • In an E-Mail, I miss-wrote a sentence in regards to "always assuming people will have Internet," which I actually meant to say the opposite, which is why PsychOS has so much software included in the first place. When I found out that LinuxInsider wanted to write an article on PsychOS, I had a lot to say in a short period of time and sort of rushed my responses to questions.
MajorGeeks https://m.majorgeeks.com/files/details/psychos.html Dynamic; as of 2021/02/02: 5 out of 5 stars.
  • PsychOS i686 version will most likely not run on your 20 year old computer, maybe 15, but not 20. For 20 year old computers, use PsychOS486 instead.
Magzter https://www.magzter.com/article/Computer-Mobile/Linux-Format/PsychOS-346
  • Features: 9/10
  • Ease of use: 6/10
  • Performance: 7/10
  • Documentation: 7/10
  • Rating: 8/10
Medium https://medium.com/linux-gossip/do-you-hate-windows-10-with-the-passion-of-a-thousand-suns-5fb5a832cb67 N/A
  • The documentation URL at the end needs to be changed to https://psychoslinux.gitlab.io/documents/docs.html
  • The report bugs URL at the end needs to be changed to https://gitlab.com/PsychOSLinux/psychoslinux.gitlab.io/issues
OSnews https://www.osnews.com/story/133555/psychdos-a-desktop-environment-plus-extra-software-for-dos-users/ N/A N/A
Perfect Links Services https://perfectlinkservices.com/linux-does-it-again-psychos-a-retro-styled-distro/ N/A N/A
SecuritronLinux.com https://securitronlinux.com/distributions/very-fast-new-linux-distribution-for-older-machines-this-is-very-fast/ N/A N/A
Slant.co https://www.slant.co/options/37575/~psychos-review 138 up | 6 down Last checked was on 2021/02/08, but the only complaint worth mentioning so far seems to be that includes too much software and package managers? Maybe it's just me, but I don't see how having more options is a bad thing.
Softpedia Dynamic; as of 2021/02/02: 4.5 out of 5 stars by users and 3.5 out of 5 stars by the Softpedia reviewer.
  • Home page needs to be corrected to https://psychoslinux.gitlab.io
  • Calls the "Whisker Menu" a task manager for some reason
  • Says that you have to right-click on the desktop to launch applications, which is not true at all (Whisker Menu)
  • PsychOS i686 version will most likely not run on your 20 year old computer, maybe 15, but not 20. For 20 year old computers, use PsychOS486 instead.
TechGenix.com http://techgenix.com/psychos-linux-distro/ N/A N/A
TECHMINS.com https://techmins.com/psychos486-for-i486-dx-i586-i686-as-well-as-more-recent-computer-systems-linux/ N/A Hmmm... basically, this looks like someone copied and pasted my announcement post and then ran it through a translator from English to another language and then back to English again.

Video Reviews



"PsychOS Retro nietypowy Linux dla starych komputerów nawet klasy 486. baza Devuan ASCII oraz Slacko" by Świat Linuksa

Congrats on being the first, or as far as I know, to do video reviews on both PsychOS and PsychOS486 :)

To answer one of the responses to this video, all of those emulators are included along with RetroArch because not everyone is comfortable using RetroArch, especially if you are limited to the plain RGUI interface due to older hardware limitations. Besides, why would anyone actually want to run a computer-related emulator like DOS in RetroArch? Some may find this hard to believe, but not every system that is included is just for playing games. Also, some people may only care about one or two of the emulators. BUT, RetroArch can be started from a console (TTY), just like Kodi, which is a huge benefit if CPU and RAM is limited. HOWEVER, the version of RetroArch that is included with PsychOS 3.4.6 does not come with any cores pre-installed as doing so would take up a lot more space but they can be easily added; when PsychOS 3.4.6 was compiled, it only had a few tens of KB's of "wiggle-room" or else the ISO build would fail.
"PsychOS Linux Live booting up on VM" by OSWatch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Wjctdt-Q_E
"PsychOS Linux - Retrophiles Dream and Systemd Free" by eBuzzCentral

Also known as: "Linux OS That Brings Old Hardware Back Too Life" by eBuzzCentral

YouTube Version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mb1Elya1hqE

Rumble Version: https://rumble.com/vrvnf7-linux-os-that-brings-old-hardware-back-too-life.html"

"Installing PsychOS 3 On a 2008 Netbook" by GET OFF MY LAWN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFKacUFNjyI
"PsychDOS is a text-mode desktop for DOS" by FreeDOS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQCiZtnJekU
"PsychOS Linux. Baú do Linux" by Fetha Tutoriais Linux

The most likely reason the i32 AppImage did not work was because the file-system it was stored on was something that cannot mark files as executable, such as FAT32; the other one did not work because PsychOS uses a 32-bit Linux kernel. As far as WiFi is concerned, if you notice, the nm-applet says "Wi-Fi is disabled"; you have to right-click the indicator to enable it and then left-click it to see available routers; you may also have to enable BlueTooth via the programs menu option as many newer computers have both WiFi and BT on the same card; certain BT-related modules are blacklisted (I probably won't be doing that next time). Having that said, I really like how they used the included SimpleScreenRecorder while running PsychOS live to do the review without any noticeable hiccups.
"psychoOS, para quem GOSTA de VELHARIA!" by #slackjeff

He got the name wrong in the title. As far as having issues with using Poster to convert his downloaded image (assuming), the reason is because he did not keep the default username and so the symbolic links created to access the /home directory are broke. This could have been fixed by using RetroGrab to uninstall and reinstall Poster. Also, there was a moment in regards to a GPG key error; that is what the "MX Fix GPG keys" item from the programs menu is for.
"Neues aus der Linux Welt - Mit Joe - KW 3-20 - Linux News Deutsch 💻 Linux Umsteiger" by Linux Umsteiger Kanal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Moi6ufy9Qb0
"LWDW 277" from LinuxGameCast https://youtu.be/8riFyWnrHLQ?t=1972
"NUOVA VITA AD OGNI PC - Semplicemente Fantastico PsychOS" by Darkphoenix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y49lfgU98ck
"Excitement About Technology News - Innovations and Future Tech - Live Science" by Razonrcontf Noyfomtvk https://youtu.be/dJ5AFiUQp-s?t=60
"Psych OS - A lightweight linux Distro for Your Old 32bit PC" by CodingBite https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKjsnJMU-TA
"PsychOS Linux 3 - visão geral do sistema (regravado)" by jaucity.

I think the reason he was having so much trouble getting CLIMax to work was because since he did not use the default username, 'psychos', he would then have to chmod +x all of the scripts within the '/opt/psychostools' directory, to which should also fix itself if he ran the 'psychos-update' command or programs menu item. As far as the "being trapped in DOSBox" goes, you use 'Ctrl+F10' to toggle mouse-capture in DOSBox.
"Edito : Distributions Linux, Erreurs Techniques. Exemple avec PsychOS" by Adrian Linuxtricks.

However, please take this review "with a grain of salt"; he did not bother to contact me at all before reviewing or take a look at this page and so does not understand that PsychOS is a SHTF distro that does not assume Internet access will always be possible thanks to encryption methods like SSL/TLS or be able to install software from dead repositories in 5-10 years, which will definitely be true for most 32-bit GNU/Linux distros; even the pkg.org site he goes to in the video just recently started exclusively listing 64-bit packages. In other words, soon or later, for 32-bit GNU/Linux distributions, it will be much easier to remove packages than to install them.

The reason PsychOS comes with software packaged by MX Linux, such as with his Thunderbird example, but not also have the repository enabled by default is to help prevent possible upgrading issues and some odd changes to the overall environment because of the way some of the MX packages can affect the system, especially the desktop environment, which he would have know had he E-Mailed me or just read the included documentation/and or update script messages. He also clearly didn't bother to do much research on Palemoon.

All I got from watching his video were opinions or misunderstandings from someone that clearly prefers the mainstream GNU/Linux distributions targeted for specific purposes to quickly run in VirtualBox on a W10 system. I would not expect these sorts of people to like or get the point of the PsychOS Project and I honestly do not understand why he would even bother if it is just going to be mostly complaints, especially when the only things he did was install PsychOS and upgrade Thunderbird and not much else. He didn't even try out any the software I made specifically for PsychOS or the CLIMax script stuff from the console.

I tried contacting him, but could not find an E-Mail address and I am not creating an account on a social network or forum just to talk to one person.

And by the way, PsychOS only includes English so as to fit the 3000+ packages. Also, I really wished he had right-clicked on an actual file instead of just the empty space in a folder; he would have seen many more options, to which can vary by file-type. And, the several file-format support isn't just because of things like LibreOffice and VLC; there is more to it than that.
"HP T510 #2 Przeglądarka terminalowa i rzut okiem na PsychOS 3.4.6" by Saper ElektroZłomiarz.

No closed captions available, so I had to look at the video comments; are the video makers afraid I might catch an error? Anyway one of the comments translated to "There is still a lack of terminal paint...". There is a terminal paint program called 'pxlterm' you may be interested in. Why 'lynx' for terminal web browsing and not 'w3m'? Also, the MicroEmulator probably moves around like that because Java sucks and J2ME is even worse; this is probably why most emulators use SDL. And by the way, I have my own EmulationStation for Desktop AppImage that includes emulators if anyone is interested, though it is x86_64 only, so it will not work on PsychOS.

Comments about PsychOS found in "the wild"

The following are comments about PsychOS-related projects that I have found out in the "Internet wilderness" and I either cannot keep creating accounts to try to respond to each one of them or I refuse to create and account based on privacy and/or ease of use concerns. So, I'll post a few URL's and tell you what I think of what I am seeing or if clarification needs to be made. However, if it is a long thread or post, I may only pick out a quote or two from each site and therefore you should take the time to check for missing context.



My Respone

beta.plugintolinux.ca https://beta.plugintolinux.ca/forum/index.php?topic=1176.0
The developer seems very secretive not wanting to disclose any information about themselves, not even their gender. That sets off alarm bells for me but maybe he/she is just eccentric.

Eccentric? Maybe a little. The main reason is because I have zero interest in voluntarily feeding our AI "overlords" data about myself, especially when various technologies in current development are at that point in which they need us more than we need them. My attitude was considered normal until people decided that it was okay to trade in their privacy for convenience. And now, you've even got people posting to random forums while using an actual photo and a full name. Never assume just because something is GNU/Linux-related that a developer inherently cares about their user's privacy if they do not care about their own.

As an 80s kid, there is something nostalgic about it - the look, its claims to support old DOS games and old programming languages. And also to access internet resources via text.

It supports DOS software in general thanks to DOSBox. And because of RetroGrab, you can essentially "install" old software that isn't just DOS if you have the required emulator; I can add more than just DOS programs, I just haven't really gotten around to other systems like AtariST, Amiga, C64, and etc. just yet. Installed items via RetroGrab are typically added to the main applications menu or a PATH is added to DOSBox if it is a command-line program.

As far as old programming languages, this is also because of included emulators that aren't just for playing video games and are mostly BASIC-oriented.

Text-based web browsing has never actually gone away, even though web devs are "hell-bent" on making it harder to do, and PsychOS includes one of my favorites, w3m.

dev1galaxy.org https://dev1galaxy.org/viewtopic.php?id=9&p=2
Add this one to the list "maybe"....PsychOS (im not affiliated, just found it on distrowatch).

Yes. Add the i686 version of PsychOS to the list. However, there are plans to have other GNU/Linux distribution and/or operating system types for PsychOS such as FreeDOS-based and to have an i486 version, which will not be based on Devuan.

forum.archlabslinux.com https://forum.archlabslinux.com/t/psychos/4637
What a masterpiece! :sunglasses:

Yes. Yes it is ;)

forum.mxlinux.org https://forum.mxlinux.org/viewtopic.php?t=58675#p580860
iso too big. If dev can release lite edition without bloatware bundle maybe i can try.

Humor me and pick a random i486 distribution from this list, except the Slackware and a few of the Puppy-based ones. And while booted into it, please install something using the package manager. Go on. I'll wait. What's wrong? Oh, that's right, you probably can't. You know why? The web devs of the Internet, along with other certain "inities," thought it necessary to enforce SSL (https) upon everyone, claming it is for "security," while in actuality it just adds one more nail to the computer longevity coffin. That is why PsychOS comes with so much software. In 10-20 years, maybe even sooner, it will be much easier to remove software than it will be to add. You're welcome.

I'm certain the developer will take your concerns into account... :footinmouth:

Um... I'm writing about it, aren't I? In 2020 (or later if I'm too lazy to update this), there is no reason to still keep calling a GNU/Linux distro that won't fit on a 700MB CD-ROM as "bloatware," especially when it seems that one of the main complaints I get is having issues booting from a USB stick when in reality, if your target computer doesn't have a DVD-RW drive, don't bother. Feel free to test in a Virtual Machine instead as complaining about an i686 GNU/Linux distro not working on via USB your new 64-bit UEFI blah blah blah is just asinine.

murga-linux.com http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?t=69050&start=2985
I've got a different problem in that I'm getting beeps from my motherboard for no apparent reason (but not in AntiX, Slackware or in PsychOS, which is based on Devuan), and the one common denominator all those have is systemd so I'm trying to stay away from systemd-based distros until it's (hopefully) sorted out.

Yep. Systemd is stupid.

news.ycombinator.com https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=23515989
What are these limits that it pushes? And how it do so?

When the article uses the phrase "pushes the limits," I take it that people aren't making the connection between that phrase and PsychOS's author, "TheOuterLinux?" People title things to catch your eye. Also, it's 3000+ packages, 90+ python modules, 390+ known supported AND tested file formats, and a crap ton of Thunar Custom Actions, many of which are hidden (file .ext removed) because of QuickEdit, one of a few really cool tools that I made myself. I also edited some default program settings when allowed and added custom color palettes (link is the updated versions) and addons to some of the art programs, such as LUA scripts for GrafX2 or extras for GIMP. Matter of fact, I created a QuickBasic color helper program just to make sure I got the colors correct for that particular type of palette. Please "naysayers," let me know of any other GNU/Linux distro or any other operating system that does what PsychOS does out-of-the-box for less than a 3.8GB ISO, if you even can. I need more videos of people spending some serious time with it to show off these points. Also, looking at the Release Notes might help.

sysdfree.wordpress.com https://sysdfree.wordpress.com/2020/07/10/321/comment-page-3/#comment-7008
TheOuterLinux (that’s the avatar-name of the author) keeps focus on his/her purpose: bringing a systemd-free Debian in 32bit to revive old hardware. And that’s exactly what PsychOS does! Plus a "Wild Bunch" [(c) Sam Peckinpah] of goodies, whether you are nostalgic of pre-2000 stuff OR NOT!

There is definitely a "Wild Bunch" of goodies included with PsychOS and many more that aren't listed in the applications menu due to being command-line programs. When in doubt, the best thing to do is either run 'apt search [package]' or 'apropos [search something]' in a terminal to see what is installed/available.