PsychOS is a GNU/Linux distribution that aims to provide a unique, software-rich platform that puts lighter/older hardware first.

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PsychDOS desktop environment

USB Booting Instructions

  • ** If planning to boot one of the listed PsychOS distributions from a USB, it is recommended to do the following using GNU/Linux:
    • sudo apt install syslinux-utils
    • sudo isohybrid /path/to/iso
  • ** If that doesn't work then perhaps try MultiBootUSB:

    Not all of the features of MultiBootUSB have been tested with PsychOS.

    Other Resources (Manually Installed)

    The resources listed below may or may not be included with any of the distributions listed above. The GNU General Public License (GPL) requires that source code be made available; however, if source code were to be included with every distribution for every GPL-licensed software, there would be much fewer software "out-of-the-box." Many FOSS-loving distributions get around this issue by having both a package.deb and a package-src.deb (or equivalent for other systems) in their repositories and therefore, I believe the following method is just as compliant.

    Also note that not all software listed below are GPL-licensed and therefore may only include a link to a website or binary.

    If a piece of software or resource is missing from the list, send an email about it to

    ** Software listed with "!!" at the beginning are not included with any of the listed distributions; however, those distributions may or may not have an installer that can be accessed from a menu or command-line for the software. This is because of missing information in regards to that software's redistribution and it is safer to not assume.

    ++ "Manually Installed" refers to software added by means other than normal package management such as compiling from source or adding already pre-compiled binaries like EXE's for DOS software and other emulated operating systems.

    For more information on licenses please visit:

    TheOuterLinux License

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