The PsychOS project aims to provide multiple, unique, software-rich platforms for lighter/older hardware.


PsychOS is currently a 32-bit, i686-compatible, GNU/Linux distribution based off of Devuan ASCII.


PsychOS486 is an i486DX/i586/i686-compatible GNU/Linux distribution based off of Slacko Puppy 5.3.1. You will need a minimum of 32MB of RAM for the console and 64MB of RAM for the desktop environments, but 128MB would be MUCH better. Don't worry, the current design of PsychOS486 boots into a console (pfix=nox) with a TUI menu to choose what you want to do.

PsychDOS Desktop Environment

PsychDOS is a desktop environment with software included for those that already have DOS installed on an actual computer, are using emulators like DOSBox, or use machine emulators like QEMU.

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Software Help

The following is NOT a complete list. When in doubt, see if a missing item included a man page or has documentation within the "/usr/doc" or "/usr/share/doc" directory. Also, not all listed software comes with each variant of the PsychOS project (PsychOS, PsychOS486, PsychDOS, etc.).

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