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The following are screenshots for PsychOS486. However, sooner or later, some of the following screenshots may not match what is on your booted PsychOS486 system. This is because of updates to PsychOS486Tools (/opt/psychos486tools) that you will have to manually update yourself. In other words, if you are reviewing PsychOS486, please try to keep it updated and take your own screenshots.

Feel free to send an E-Mail if you have questions.

Boot image

As soon as PsychOS486 boots, you will see something similar to this.

Loading stuff...

If you just wait, press ENTER, or enter a boot option, the system starts loading a few things.

After booting...

After the boot process, you are presented with a text-based menu in the console to save RAM just in case you are using an i486DX machine.

A minimum of 32MB of RAM is needed for console use...

PsychOS486 boots on QEMU with -cpu set to i486 with 32MB of RAM; however, you will not be able to run any of the default, graphical desktop environments such as JWM or XFCE.

Piping 'htop' output to a text file revealed that video playback, including DVD may still be possible with 32MB of RAM via mplayer, so things may not be so bad.

CLIMax in the Console (TTY)

CLIMax is one of the options you can choose from after the system is done loading a few things. The original version was designed for regular PsychOS (i686), but this one was redone for PsychOS486's i486DX users with 32MB of RAM, but it can also be used by those that are not too familiar with the command-line.

CLIMax in color!

CLIMax ran from within a graphical desktop environment has colored text. You may also notice the column width is now 100 instead of 80 and everything fits better. However, you may be able to run 'xorgwizard' while still in the Console (TTY) to increase the column width.

JWM (Joe's Window Manager) at resolution 1024x768x16

What you are seeing is a tweaked version of JWM that is using the "Tok-tok" icon theme and custom-made wallpaper with others to choose from.

This GNU/Linux distribution is Puppy Linux based (Slacko Puppy 5.3.1) with a newly given code-name "Wilfred."


48MB RAM usage while in JWM desktop environment when you have 128MB total. This number goes down just a bit if limited to 64MB of RAM, but you'll hate it.

ROX File Manager

This is an example of ROX file manager with customized icons; however, the default home icons will be plain-looking folders in the public release. I was going to have it look like this by default but I couldn't get used to it.

This file manager takes a bit to get used to, but has more customization features than most other file managers.

Thunar File Manager

PsychOS486 comes with the Thunar file manager and can be ran independently from XFCE if the ROX file manager is too confusing. A few "Custom Thunar Actions" are also included. However, in the case of PsychOS486, the ROX file manager does have more features and isn't too bad if you can get used to drag-and-drop. PsychOS486 runs everything as "root" by default, hence the red warning bar.


The 'xfce4-appfinder' program can be ran independently from XFCE. However, if running on an i486DX machine (uname -m), clicking the AppFinder icon on the desktop or using "Super+Spacebar" results in the much lighter 'gRun' program that searches through /usr/bin, /usr/local/bin, etc. instead of /usr/share/applications.


This is what XFCE looks like on a 640x480 monitor.

XFCE Applications Menu

The applications menu for XFCE.

XFCE Panel #2

This is a hidden panel (#2) at the bottom of the desktop. Think of it as a dock with applications focused more on file editing than just running entertainment programs. It should save a little time figuring out what software to use since the main applications menu is so cramped.

Gopher version of Reddit for /r/psychoslinux (as of 2020/11/15)

I just thought this was cool. There are menu options for things like this from within CLIMax. Make sure to look at the "~/LookHere/Help/curl, ssh, telnet, and nc Examples.txt" file for more curl, telnet, nc, gopher, etc. examples.

Gopher version of Reddit for /r/theouterlinux (as of 2020/11/15)

The PsychOS project was created and is maintained by TheOuterLinux but a separate site was need in order to be listed on DistroWatch.